Producers Wealth Application
We are excited to have you join our exclusive community of producers & creators. 

Our mission is to help producers & creators focus on value creation and achieving maximum impact in their families, communities, and the world while protecting, and multiplying their wealth in ANY economy outside Wall Street.

As a client of Producers Wealth, you will have a simple, clear personalized strategy to implement & execute that supports who you are as a producer & creator and the specific goals you want to accomplish. 

You will have access to actionable education & training, a personalized strategy, strategies aligned with your philosophy, core beliefs, principles & values, a power team to assisting you to execute your customized game plan, coaching & mentoring, and a community & network to keep you on track, and accountable.

You will be part of an exclusive community of other like-minded producers & creators all focused on growing their business, and increasing their income while protecting their money, and systematically multiplying their wealth. 

To make our vision for Producers Wealth a reality, we need the right people to join our group that fit our philosophy, core beliefs, principles and values as communicated in the Producers Code. 

Please fill out the information below as completely as possible. Exact numbers or balances are not neccessary, estimates are fine.

After you submit the form to us, we will send you a link to schedule your initial call to see if you are a fit for our community, and we will be able to help you accomplish your specific goals.

We are only bringing on a certain number of clients every year to ensure that we produce RESULTS for our current clients.

We respect and value your time, please respect and value ours. Serious applicants only.
At Producers Wealth, we are OUTCOME & RESULTS FOCUSED.

We believe that businesses should exist for two reasons only, solving their clients problems and acheiving outcomes & results for their clients.

We have created our personalized strategy creation process to maximize eficiency from our first contact.

After completing the application below, you will be contacted by a wealth & investment strategist to schedule your initial call. 

Please be prepared to share your three big short & long term goals with our  wealth & investment strategist during this call.

 When both parties agree to move forward, a one hour strategy

Take 5 minutes and answer the questions below so we can start building your personalized strategy and start to create, protect, and multiply your wealth immediately.
Family Information
Details matter in your life and in your Wealth Strategy so let's get clear on where we are starting and where we are going.
Health History/Medications:
How did you hear about us?
Current Financial Picture - Where are you at TODAY?
If we are clear about where you are today, we can bring a clear solution to the meeting so you can see exactly how your personalized strategy will be able to change the game of money for you, forever.

The questions below will give us an idea of both your current balances as well as what is and is not working in your current financial strategy. 

NOTE: The numbers do not need to be exact or to the penny, just rough estimates will do. The fields are also totally optional if you would rather discuss these numbers on the call with us. The more specific you can be, the more specific solutions we can discuss on our strategy call.
Gross Business or Personal Income
Take Home Income
Total Liquid Cash (Cash, checking and savings, personal and business, money market, under the matress, etc)
Total Other Liquid Investments (Brokerage accounts, private investments, Bitcoin, gold and sliver, etc.)
Total Traditional Retirement Assets (IRA, 401(k), etc)
Real Estate: List any type of real estate you own
Financial Strategy Assessment
These questions are meant to help you and us get away from the numbers for a second and really answer the question of "Is your current strategy working?"
Briefly describe the investments you are currently using to KEEP and GROW your Wealth. (i.e. 401(k), IRA, Brokerage Accounts, real estate, cash value, etc.)
What do you currently like about your financial strategy? 
(What IS working)
What do you want to improve upon in your financial strategy?
(What is NOT working) 
What is the NUMBER ONE REASON you want something different from your financial strategy?
One year from now, what would you like to have implemented and working in your wealth plan?
Do you currently have a tax strategist on your team? Do you feel confident that you are protected as much as possible from the IRS? Is your current tax strategy working?